Adafruit Flora & RGB Smart Neo Pixels


Stephanie and I decided to give up on the Lilypad (FOR NOW!) and swap in the Adafruit Flora for our wearable tests!  Since we knew we wanted to use programable lights, we decided to test out the RGB Smart Neo Pixels to see what they were like.

We used this tutorial and first connected a pixel to the Flora using alligator clips, which worked splendidly, and then decided to dive right into using conductive thread!


First we securely sewed the Flora onto our material through the D6 hole and connected it to the inward facing arrow, then followed that by connecting the VBATT with the + on the pixel, and the GND to the – sign.

Following that, we connected our Flora to Arduino, imported the FloraTest and VOILA! WE HAVE LIGHT!!!!




We were very excited.  Next we will learn how to connect multiple lights in a pattern and program them!

Watch the video below to see a more detailed view of our process!


Adafruit Flora Connected to RGB Smart Neo Pixel from crustina on Vimeo.


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