Connecting Multiple RGB Smart Neo Pixels With Conductive Thread


Last week Stephanie and I spent out class time learning how to properly connect multiple RGB Smart Neo Pixels using conductive thread to the Flora using this tutorial.  It was relatively easy since all we had to do was continue our lines of thread into the matching conductive holes on the pixels (+ to +/- to -).  The only time consuming issue was having to individually connect each of the outward facing arrows to the inward facing arrows in order to be able to individually program the pixels.


We were a bit nervous to test it out, unsure if we made mistakes along the way but alas! We have light again!

We tested it out with the flora test first, and then played around with the code in order to get our pixels to quickly blink red in a sequential pattern.

However, we discovered that a few of our pixels won’t turn red! We’re currently unsure if it’s an issue on our end and if we maybe made some sewing mistakes, or if the pixels are just faulty.  We tried our test with again but changed the red to blue and we were luckily able to witness the sequential motion we intended.  You can see what I’m talking about in the video below!

Multiple Programmed RGB Smart Neo Pixels Connected to the Adafruit Flora from crustina on Vimeo.


Now that we know how to properly program our pixels to do what we want, it’s on to the X-Bee! We’re going to attempt to use these to wirelessly connect two Adafruit Floras so that they turn on when they’re close together!

Wish us luck!

P.S. Interested in learning more about conductive thread?

Here’s a video with some tips and tricks!


One response to “Connecting Multiple RGB Smart Neo Pixels With Conductive Thread

  1. Did you try testing each pixel with alligator clips? That would help eliminate the possibility of flaky thread connections being responsible for your color issues. It’s possible you’re using the wrong code library– you have v2 pixels, and the tutorial has been updated since you posted this with more specific instructions to make sure you use the new code library:

    Please also post up in our Wearables forum with issues like this, our staff hangs out there just to help with your questions!

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